MSNBC Slams Cain Announcement With Derisive Laughter: 'Bizarre Charade, Freak Show'

Check out the screengrab after the jump.  Before Chris Hayes uttered word one of commentary about Hermain Cain's speech suspending his campaign, he reacted with derisive laughter.  Hayes, host of a weekend MSNBC show, was serving as analyst on Alex Witt's show as they broke down the Cain announcement.

Hayes went on to mock Cain and his speech as a "bizarre charade" and a "freak show," along the way laughing once more, this time at the notion Cain might have a career as a motivational speaker. Video after the jump.

Watch the utter contempt with which MSNBC treats a man who, if he had a (D) rather than an (R) after his name, might have been hailed by the network as an inspirational hero.


ALEX WITT: As you heard, Herman Cain is now pursuing 'Plan B.' He is suspending his presidential campaign.  I'm joined here in the studio by Chris Hayes, host of 'Up With Chris Hayes' on weekend mornings. OK --

CHRIS HAYES: [reacts with laughter].

WITT: If you all knew the way Chris and I were relating during this whole thing.  [So apparently they were sharing some hearty derision off the air.] There's some level of incredulous behavior here.

HAYES: Well, first of all, what is the fundamental strategic goal to the entire bizarre charade? . . . Fundamentally, this entire bizarre song-and-dance was about making sure he could keep getting donations and for making an exit from this campaign that preserves his status as a highly-paid [more derisive laughter] motivational speaker . . . Herman Cain is really sort of the perfect example of what, I think it was Mark Halperin, called the freak show.