Dee Dee Myers Calls Newt A Political 'Sociopath' on NBC, Gregory Moves On

Dee Dee Myers, former press secretary to President Bill Clinton, goes on Meet the Press and calls Newt Gingrich a political "sociopath."  Does moderator David Gregory call her out?  

Nope. To the contrary, Gregory proceeds to play a clip of convicted felon Jack Abramoff accusing Newt of "corruption." Video after the jump.

Watch the one-two punch of a Dem operative and an MSMer.


2011-11-20NBCMTPMyers.JPGDEE DEE MYERS: Newt has a lot of experience in the public eye. And he's tried on almost every ideological position that there is.  He's sort of a political sociopath. He constructs arguments to defend whatever he's doing at the moment. If he's working for Fannie or Freddie or, you know, the publicly-financed mortgage companies, then he has an argument for why him doing that is different from President Obama taking money from people who worked there. It's fascinating, and it goes back to when he first ran for the House in Georgia in the '70s, all the way through his career. He constructs these very elaborate arguments that will support whatever he's doing at the moment, and there's absolutely no consistency.

Watch how David Gregory smoothly segues off Myers' comment, playing a clip of Jack Abramoff denouncing Newt.  Did David and Dee Dee set up their one-two punch in advance?

DAVID GREGORY: So Mike [Murphy]: he gets a lot of money from Freddie Mac to be a "strategic advisor."  None other than Jack Abramoff, the super-lobbyist, told me in our Press Pass interview this week that this is exactly the stuff that people don't like.  Watch.

Cut to video clip.

JACK ABRAMOFF: He is doing, he's engaging in the exact kind of corruption that America disdains.