Morning Joe's All-Liberal Lineup

Sometimes, a show's guest list is enough to illuminate its liberal bias. Take today's Morning Joe. Joe Scarborough has previously spoken of the show's prevailing 10:1 ratio of liberal to conservative guests.   But Morning Joe took matters that silly millimeter longer today, with a lineup utterly devoid of any Republican or conservative guests, to wit:

  • Katty Kay--BBC
  • John Heilemann--New York magazine
  • Mike Barnicle--former Kennedy-clan aide
  • Carl Bernstein --Vanity Fair, formerly of Washington Post
  • Eugene Robinson--Washington Post
  • David Gregory--NBC host, Meet the Press
  • Al Sharpton--MSNBC host, activist
  • Touré --MSNBC contributor, 9/11 truther


When this NewsBuster raised Morning Joe's lack of balance in the past, a show source spoke of the difficulty of booking conservative guests.  Anyone buying that as the predominant explanation of the guest list's tremendous tilt to port?


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