Martin Bashir Makes With The Christie Fat Jokes

If Chris Christie doesn't get into the presidential race, the would-be comics of the MSM might be even more disappointed than the Republican honchos reportedly urging the Jersey gov to run.  Yesterday, I noted how ABC's "Good Morning America" managed to work a number of fat cracks into its report on Christie.  Today it was the oleaginous Martin Bashir's turn.

Bashir never acknowledged his jokes with a wink and a nod.  But from describing Christie as "massively" popular with Republicans, to observing that when it comes to a possible run Christie hasn't "pushed away from the table,"  to suggesting that it wouldn't be that easy for Christie to "roll over" President Obama, there was no doubting the kind of bashing Bashir was up to.  Video after the jump.

Watch Bashir--perhaps my least favorite in the lamentable MSNBC line-up--try his lame hand at middle-school worthy humor.


MARTIN BASHIR: The real will-he-or-won't-he fervor is around the massively popular New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. While Christie has said he won't run, he hasn't exactly pushed away from the table and left the room.  But if it's such a piece of cake to walk into the White House next year, why doesn't he do it?  Or is it possible that President Obama won't be that easy to roll over?