'Creepy': Early Show Guests Rip MSM's Palin-Email Goosechase

If the current weather in Hades is anything like what it's been here in Texas lately, you wouldn't expect it to freeze over anytime soon. But could a cold wave down below be on the way?  The question arises in light of today's Early Show on CBS, in which all the guests queried ripped the MSM for its frenzied thrashing through the Sarah Palin emails, released yesterday.

First up was ABC legal correspondent Jan Crawford who criticized the "spectacle" of the New York Times and the Washington Post ripping through the emails and even enlisting citizen researchers to help them discover something damaging to Palin.  Observed Crawford: "at the end of the day this email release may say a lot more about the press and its views than it does about Palin."

In the subsequent segment, John Avlon, while admitting he was no Palin fan, was even more colorful in his criticism of the MSM frenzy, calling the media's reaction "indecent" and "creepy."

View video after the jump.

I'll be back with a transcript, but in the meantime, watch Crawford and Avlon maul the MSM for its get-Palin feeding frenzy.