Moore: Obama Should Use Power Over Auto Companies To Kill Cars, Replace With Mass Transit

Want to know how socialists think? Check out Michael Moore on MSNBC this evening, urging President Obama to use the government's power over the auto manufacturers to . . . kill the internal combustion engine and replace cars with mass transit.

As everyone knows, politicians and pundits know what people need better than billions of people themselves.   You don't want to ride the rails?  Tough: yes you do.  Watch Moore make his government-knows-best suggestion to kill the engine of progress to Larry O'Donnell this evening.

Video after the jump.

Watch Moore describe how socialists really think once they get the "power".

MICHAEL MOORE: The auto thing is a good example too of where I wish Obama would just, if he would just ratchet it up another notch. Yes, he saved the jobs of all my friends back in Michigan.  But now that we sort of control the car companies, let's get them doing mass transit.  Let's get them doing things that are going to save this planet.  Because the internal combustion engine is not going to get us to the 22nd century. That's just not going--we're not going to have a planet. That has to stop.  And I just thought: gee, we have this power. You know, you can do things.