Tina Brown: Obama Might Have 'Worst Inbox Of Any President In History'

Poor baby . . .

Barack Obama's complaints about the burdens of his office have found a sympathetic ear in the person of Tina Brown.   The Newsweek/Daily Beast editor has claimed that PBO "does have the worst inbox of any president maybe in history."

Brown made her history-defying declaration on today's Morning Joe.

View video after the jump.

I generally think of Brown as one of the more astute members of the liberal media.  Which makes one wonder: how could she possibly imagine that the burdens facing Obama are tougher than those confronting any of his predecessors?

Do any of the following ring a bell with Brown?

  • Lincoln and the war to prevent the Union from disintegrating.
  • FDR's double-whammy of the Depression and WWII.
  • JFK facing a world on the brink of nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
  • W and 9-11.

Tell it to the Marines, Tina.


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