Deutsch: 'We've Got Some Damn Good Leaders In This Country'

"Democrats on both sides of the Capitol say they have no idea where the White House stands or who’s running the show." -- Politico, 3-17-11

"Obama The Invisible: Anti-leadership Amid World Crises"--headline, John Podhoretz column, NY Post, 3-15-11

With the Hamptons beach season looming, has Donny Deutsch let working on his abs get in the way of watching what's going on in the White House?  If there's anything like a consensus in America, it's that Pres. Obama has gazed at the various crises in the country and the world . . . and ordered a shaved ice.

Despite mounting evidence that PBO would have to raise his leadership level some notches in order to qualify as "feckless," on Morning Joe Deutsch today declared, referring to Pres. Obama, that "we've got some damn good leaders in this country."  

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On Morning Joe today, Donny offered his deep thoughts on the situation in Japan, and declared that thanks to those "damn good leaders" we have here, things would be very different if America were faced with a similar crisis.   

For good measure, a bit later Mike Barnicle sympathetically recounted a self-pitying story that Pres. Obama told yesterday about the burdens of his office.  Added an empathetic Mike "the weight of the world's issues today in the Oval Office, I think to people like us, or at least to people like me, oftentimes seems overwhelming.  I don't know how any one individual copes with all of this."   Aww.

Watch Donny and Mike give it up for PBO.

DONNY DEUTSCH: We very often on this show talk about lack of leadership in this country: whether it was Bush, whether it was Obama, you know, bi-partisanship aside.  And somehow we see the non-leaders of Japan are reacting to this.  You're reminded that even when we take shots at our president, we've got some damn good leaders in this country.  Because we all know it would be handled differently.

Note: yesterday wasn't the first time PBO told the story of Lincoln "forgiving" a citizen for having elected him.  As reported here, Pres. Obama told the same story less than a month after he was inaugurated.  If the job's so tough for him, remember, Joe Biden is tanned, rested and ready!

Note Deux: Deutsch, discussing those damn good leaders in America, also alluded to Pres. George W. Bush.  That transparent piece of faux bi-partisanship was clearly no more than cover for his praise of the current prez.

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