Schultz's Red Scare: Supporting Republican Michigan Gov Equals 'Lining Up With Communist Party'

Wait a sec!  Isn't it Republicans who supposedly are irresponsibly accusing Dems of being socialists and Commies?  Check that.  Ed Schultz has declared--not paraphrasing, actually quoting--that Tea Partiers who support Republican Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder are "lining up with the Communist Party."

Schultz was set off by Snyder's signing of an emergency bill giving, as per this report, "broad new powers to emergency financial managers appointed by the state of Michigan."

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Watch Schultz emit his mind-blowing Red Scare.

ED SCHULTZ: [Republican Michigan Governor Rick] Snyder's plan flies in the face of everything conservatives have ever stood for. If you're in Michigan, and you're a Tea Partier, and if you support this, I just want you to know, you're lining up with the Communist Party--in case you didn't know.  This is what they did in the old Soviet Union. It's heavy-handed, dictatorial stuff.  Is that what you want?