Obama Email Preaches Civility--Then Seeks $$ To Defeat Those Lying Republicans

Come, let us reason together with our GOP compatriots.  But in the meantime, send us some cash to defeat those Republican liars. That was the decidedly mixed message that this fervent hope-and-changer received from Pres. Obama today in his fundraising email on behalf of Harry Reid and his merry band at the Dem senatorial campaign committee.

PBO was clearly trying to channel the new "civility" fad.  The email's subject was "Lift Our Country," and contained the prez's earnest admonition that "it is not enough to talk about common ground. We must -- together -- seek it."  Can you feel the love?

A bit later, the president informed us that "this is a moment that calls for respect and a seriousness of purpose from lawmakers of every party and persuasion." But just when you thought PBO was about to propose splitting the fund-raising take with his Republican soulmates, the prez couldn't stop himself from taking a typical partisan shot:

"The DSCC has set a goal of raising $50,000 by January 31 to ensure they have the resources to beat back mistruths and distortions, hire staff for the next set of races, and support the work of Democrats in the Senate."

Mistruths and distortions?  Where I come from, we call those lies. And PBO wants to "beat them" back?  How ineffably uncivil!

Think the MSM will point out the inherent hypocrisy of Obama's message? Neither do I.


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