Hilarious Honcho: 'MSNBC Does Not Have A Political Agenda'

After last night's yawner of a SOTU, a little levity is surely in order.  So get your Wednesday off to a smirking start by laughing to the words of an MSNBC exec claiming his network doesn't have a political agenda.

Bill Wolff, MSNBC's VP of primetime programming, who moonlights as Rachel Maddow's executive producer, let the side-splitter slip in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter.  The subject matter was the MSM's fixation with Sarah Palin.  Wolff argued that Palin merits extensive coverage because she's "powerful and important" and what she says "matters."  Wolff should have quit while he was ahead, but apparently couldn't resist adding his fact-defying claim as to MSNBC's impartiality.

Quoth the Wolff-man:

"MSNBC does not have a political agenda. The idea that we’re beholden to one side or the other is ridiculous."

Right.  To demonstrate MSNBC's fair 'n balanced approach to opinion, why don't we have the network's primetime troops parade past the NewsBusters reviewing stand?:

Cenk Uygur, Chris Matthews, Larry O'Donnell, Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz.  Not to mention the recently-departed you-know-who.   Plenty of balance there: from garden variety lefty to self-professed socialist.

I actually found Wolff genuinely funny when he would exchange bon mots with Dan Abrams at the end of the latter's former MSNBC show.  But this time around, Bill engaged in some presumably unintentional humor.