'Here We Place Our Hands Over Our Hearts.' Since When, Mr. President?

Concluding his remarks at the service in Tucson this evening for the victims of the recent shootings, Pres. Obama proclaimed: "here on this earth, we place our hands over our hearts."

Which made me wonder: since when, Pres. Obama? Weren't you the man who ostentatiously declined, during the presidential campaign, to put your hand on your heart during the National Anthem while everyone else on the stage was doing so?

View video after the jump.

Will the MSM note the glaring discrepancy between Pres. Obama's current words and recent deeds?

Note: So Pres. Obama goes out of his way to talk of hand over heart.  And his two cabinet officers preceding him at the podium quote the Bible at length, with Eric Holder mentioning Jesus.  Some repositioning toward the traditional middle with 2012 in mind?

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