Dem McDermott: 'Little Baby Jesus And All This Stuff'

Was Jim McDermott mocking Christmas?  View the video and be the judge.  On this evening's Hardball, the left-wing Democrat [but I repeat myself] from Washington was making the case for the extension of unemployment benefits.

MCDERMOTT: This is Christmas-time. We talk about Good Samaritans, the poor, the little baby Jesus in the cradle and all this stuff. And then we say to the unemployed we won't give you a check to feed your family.  That's simply wrong.

Chris Matthews, interestingly, took umbrage at what he clearly took to be McDermott's mocking tone.  View video after the jump.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: OK, well Christmas isn't just "that stuff," by the way, just to correct you from my point of view. I don't know what yours is, congressman, but I wouldn't call Christmas just "that stuff."  It happens to be my favorite day of the year for every possible reason, including religion.

McDermott is the same man who accidentally-on-purpose omitted "under God" when leading the Pledge on the House floor.