Lauer Just Can't Seem To Recall Couric at Parade

A painful period he'd rather forget?

Asked to name the person who preceded Meredith Vieira as his Today sidekick, Matt Lauer declined to mention Katie Couric, claiming "there was no one ever.  No one came before Meredith."

Matt's convenient case of amnesia came in response to a question from Robin Hall, who is celebrating his 10th and last year as executive producer of Macy's Thanksgiving parade.  Reminiscing with Matt and Meredith, an impish Hall had clearly decided to stir up a little trouble with his question. But Matt wouldn't bite.View video after the jump.

Watch Matt avoid mentioning She Who Must Not Be Named.  Should make for an interesting reunion if and when Katie returns to NBC.

MATT LAUER: Ten years for you--ten years for us. At least me in this--Meredith for the last several years.  And you've been a delight, you really have.

ROBIN HALL: Who was that woman before Meredith?

[Laughter all around.]

LAUER: There was no one ever.  No one came before Meredith--are you kidding?

Meredith diplomatically endeavors to change the subject.

MEREDITH VIEIRA: What are you doing next Thanksgiving?

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