Scarborough: Palin Knows She Can't Win, In It For Money

Joe Scarborough has a decidedly cynical take on Sarah Palin's public musings about the possibility of a 2012 presidential run.  The Morning Joe host asserts that Palin knows she can't win and won't run.  

According to Scarborough, Palin is in it for the money, and is engaging in open speculation about a run for the mercenary purpose of keeping her brand alive.

Joe offered his jaded view on today's Morning Joe after the show aired a clip of Palin telling Barbara Walters that she believed she could defeat Pres. Obama.  View video after the jump.

Joe was certainly right about one thing: he predicted that many would go after him for his comments.

Watch Joe invoke The Art of War to explain Palin's tactics.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: She's not going to run.  It's The Art of War.  The reason she's saying this is cause she knows she can't win.  She knows she's got to keep her name out in the press.  She knows her poll numbers are dropping. She knows that she was humiliated in her home state of Alaska. She knows that Christine O'Donnell did not work out well. And so--I hate to say it--it's about money. 

And so, this keeps things ginned up.  Because if she wasn't saying this right now, people would be writing her Dany Quayle political obituary.  So, she's going to stir it up, and get people talking about to get in the mix.  Now listen: you can hate me at home if you want to, and Mom, go ahead and write me the email, call me a Marxist. It's the reality; it's what's happening.  And it is so patently obvious I'm surprised more people haven't picked up on it.