Amanpour Explains Away Looming Dem Defeat: 'Successful' Policies, Bad 'Messaging'

Those Democrats were just too focused on doing the right thing for the American people.  And gosh darn it, they were "successful."  Unfortunately, in their determination to save the country, they forgot about "politics" and "messaging."  That's why they're facing defeat at the polls two days from now.

So went Christiane Amanpour's rationalization of the Dems' electoral predicament.  The This Week host offered her excuses in a Good Morning America appearance today. Not a word about Pres. Obama's decision to ignore the economy while ramming through his wildly unpopular ObamaCare.  Nothing either about the trillions of additional debt into which the Dems have plunged the economy.  No.  The policies were "successful," suggested Amanpour. It was just that through inattention to politics, and a lack of good "messaging," the American people haven't figured that out yet. View video after jump.

BIANNA GOLODRYGA: Yeah, here's what's got to be the most frightening item on the poll for President Obama. In 2008, he ran and won on the promise of change. Our poll then had him winning 82% of that vote. And now going into this election, Democrats are getting 36%.  Republicans are winning on the change win, with 57%.  How did this change happen so quickly?

CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR: Well, Bianna, it's the economy, as so many people say. People are feeling frustrated and worried about that. Unemployment's still at 9.6%, stubbornly remaining there. It's the messaging, Democrats admitting that some of the successful legislation they've passed and successful breaks and successful stimulus for many people, simply the message hasn't got out.  And the president himself told the New York Times that perhaps they were too focused on what they said was doing the right thing in terms of policy and not being as concerned or as attentive to politics and the politics of those actions.

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