Grayson On 9-11: Bush 'Let It Happen'

Alan Grayson didn't quite go Rosie-O'Donnell-fire-doesn't-melt-steel demento, but he did his best . . .

Appearing with guest-host Cenk Uygur on The Ed Show, the denatured Dem congressman from Florida, speaking of 9-11, claimed that Pres. George W. Bush "let it happen."

With Pres. Obama heading out to Martha's Vineyard for his sixth vacation this year, Grayson, of all things, berated Bush for having gone on vacation in August.  For good measure, the only way that Grayson referred to the Ground Zero mosque was as . . . an "athletic center" and a "health club."

Sit back, roll the video, and be entertained by the apparently nothing-left-to-lose Alan Grayson.

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