Early Show Apologetic For Letting News Interfere With Coverage Of 'Royal' Clinton Wedding

It's "royal." It's of "historic proportions."  It's Chelsea Clinton's wedding, and CBS apologizes for letting actual news get in the way of its breathless coverage.

Anchoring the coverage in Rhinebeck, Early Show weekend co-host Erica Hill, after referring to the event as "America's royal wedding," threw it back to a remorseful Chris Wragge in the studio, who promised to get back to Erica in "just a couple of minutes" after a couple of news items "we have to address."  When she got the ball back, Hill described the wedding as being of "historic proportions."
ERICA HILL:  A Chelsea Morning.  Just a couple of hours away from America's royal wedding . . .  All of the preparations, the security, you name it, we've got it covered in Rhinebeck this morning, but I know you're also very busy back in New York this morning.

CHRIS WRAGGE: Exactly that.  A couple of news items we have to address here in New York and we'll get back to you in just a couple of minutes.

HILL:  Here in Rhinebeck, you really can feel the excitement brewing. Plenty of excitement, it's in the store windows, it's all over the town as it prepares for a wedding of historic proportions.
Does anyone recall this kind of breathless coverage for the wedding of Jenna Bush, arguably more "historic" given she was the daughter of a sitting president?  Anyone remember the MSM referring to the wedding as "royal"?

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