Leahy: Bush Dropped Ball, 9-11 'Could Have Been Avoided'

May 4th, 2010 8:33 PM

As appeals to bi-partisanship go, this could down as recent history's most contemptible and hypocritical . . .

On this evening's Ed Show, bemoaning the lack of conservative support for Pres. Obama in reaction to the Times Square attempted bombing, Dem senator Patrick Leahy accused Pres. Bush of having "dropped the ball," on 9-11, claiming it "could have been avoided."

Schultz was predictably peep-less in response to the doddering Leahy's outrageous accusation.

PATRICK LEAHY: The most important thing, we got the person who did this. They crossed all the T's; they dotted all the I's.


LEAHY: But what I find frustrating are the people, Mr. Limbaugh said of course he wants the president to fail, even though the country would fail.  This really bothers me, because after 9-11, even though the ball had been dropped, even though 9-11 could have been avoided if everyone had done what they should have, Democrats and Republicans came together and said "OK, let's make it better so this doesn't happen again."

Schultz of course said nothing to counter Leahy's explosive accusation.

Sen. Leahy, if you have proof 9-11 "could have been avoided," then produce it--or crawl back in your hole.

Will the MSM report on this utterly unsubstantiated slur?  Don't bet on it.