Norah Defends Napolitano

How should MSNBC supplement its income?  Have the DNC underwrite part of Norah O'Donnell's salary.  She's certainly earning it . . .

Yesterday, as noted here, a giddy Norah enthused that Charlie Crist's vote-splitting independent run gives the Dems "a real shot" to win the Florida Senate seat.

O'Donnell was back on the Dem ramparts this morning on Morning Joe, defending Janet Napolitano's execrable record on border security, leading Joe Scarborough to mock the Homeland Security secretary with some effervescent imagery . . .


JOE SCARBOROUGH: I go back to Janet Napolitano, Arizona governor, who was there while this situation festered, got worse. Now she's--it's not like she's in charge of HHS--she's in charge of Homeland Security.  We've been reading stories over the last several months. She's saying we don't need more people on the border.  She's at the Department of Homeland Security!

NORAH O'DONNELL: Well, they want to use different technology.  She did announce they're using unmanned --

SCARBOROUGH: She has been asleep at this switch on this issue for whatever reason. She has been way too lax as governor.  She has not sounded the alarm bell.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: I'll tell you one reason why --

SCARBOROUGH: If we were in that position, we would be saying "get that border safe."  That is an issue, if you're running Homeland Security and you can't keep our borders safe, what are you doing?

O'DONNELL: The Homeland Security people, they would disagree with you, that they're using different technology, military technology --

SCARBOROUGH: Well it sure is working well, that technology.  Blowing bubbles at the border, hoping that the wind gets, that it pops in their eyes and then they sting and "oh! I've gotta go back!"  It's the bubble machine now, so they use that technology. They're not doing anything.

Too true, Joe.  But out of deference to your co-host, might we eschew the bubbles allusions?

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