O'Donnell Disses Deutsch: Your Ignorance Of ObamaCare Is Bliss

New conservative spectator sport: watching MSM liberals lock horns over ObamaCare . . .

Today's Morning Joe offered a hugely-entertaining example.  Larry O'Donnell, speaking from the Olympian heights of his omniscience of the legislative process, mercilessly condescended to Donny Deutsch.  Ad-man Deutsch had earlier twice "guaranteed" that ObamaCare would pass.  When O'Donnell appeared, he in so many words said Deutsch was so blissfully ignorant of the process that he didn't understand just what trouble the bill is in.

When O'Donnell later ostensibly "apologized" to Deutsch, he wound up pouring salt in the wound.  Larry patronizingly portrayed himself as having "so much information" about the situation that he just doesn't see it "the same way that people with less information" do.


DONNY DEUTSCH: Done deal . . . done deal.

WILLIE GEIST: He's guaranteeing it!

DEUTSCH: I am guaranteeing it.

. . .

DEUTSCH: It will pass.  I am guaranteeing it.

. . .

LARRY O'DONNELL: I heard the confident prediction from this table earlier today that it's absolutely going to pass, and I envy that view, because it reminds me of when --

DEUTSCH: It wasn't the entire table, it was just one.

O'DONNELL:  I'll tell you something: there's a huge advantage to where you sit.  Because you sit at a great distance from this whole thing, and you don't know who the Senate Parliamentarian is, and what he might do.  

After a disquisition on how he, too, was blissfully ignorant back in his youth when he worked on the Dukakis campaign and was positive he was going to win, Larry continued . . .

O'DONNELL: I have never felt as wise about outcomes since then.  Because I know too many reasons why this might happen or that might happen.  But where we are right now legislatively is, there are runners on first and second, and you are absolutely, confidently predicting that on the next pitch they will get a triple play. Now, there have been triple plays in baseball --

DEUTSCH: That's not what I predicted.

O'DONNELL: You are.  If you knew what the situation is, that's what you're predicting.

. . . .

DEUTSCH: Lawrence has already called me stupid today, all right?

O'DONNELL: I didn't.

DEUTSCH: Yes you did.  You came on and basically said: "if only you had the knowledge base that I have." It was a really obnoxious thing, by the way

O'DONNELL: Knowledge is just hard-drive stuff. It's not intelligence. It has nothing to do with intelligence . . . I want to offer my formal apology to Donny.  The point I was making was--and Dylan may have the same sensation about this about things he knows about--is that there's a way to be so close and have so much information about something that you just don't see it the same way people with less information see things.

Got it, Donny?  Larry wasn't insulting you.  It's just that as someone who has "so much information," he sees things differently than do ignorant dolts like you ;-)

If ObamaCare does go down, look forward to endless recrimination and back-biting among Dems and their MSM cheering section.

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