Sick Canadian Should Have Gone To Costa Rica?

Remember Danny Williams, the premier of a Canadian province who ditched Canada-care in favor of having heart surgery done in Miami? Lucky for him he didn't speak first with the BBC's Katty Kay. She might have convinced him he'd be better off in Costa Rica . . .

On today's Meet the Press, Kay cited some kind of study to claim that the US has the 37th highest quality of care, "just above Cuba, just below Costa Rica."

Kay thinks things will only get worse if "something isn't done": translation--if we don't adopt ObamaCare.

Can Kay or anyone else possibly believe this? Does she honestly think that the quality of care in the US is "just above Cuba, just below Costa Rica"?  Would she really choose Costa Rica over America if she or a loved one need crucial care?  Please.

Update: Kay Was Citing Biased UN Study

A bit of Googling reveals that in claiming that the "quality" of health care in the US ranks only 37th in the world, Kay was citing a UN study that takes into account factors utterly unrelated to the quality of care such as "financial fairness."  Cato Institute has an excellent deconstruction of the study here.

Danny Williams Katty Kay

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