Hipster LaHood Tells Us Not to Text

Spare us the Obama nanny-state PSAs . . .

There I was, harmlesly Olympics-watching something called the "men's snowboard parallel giant slalom"—quite a cool event, actually—when we were suddenly subjected to a commercial telling us not to phone or text while driving. 

And of all people, it was terminally un-cool Obama Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood inflicting the message and directing us to some website called www.distraction.gov

Now, it might be one thing if Shaun White were the spokesman.  But Ray LaHood?—and yeah, I know he used to be a Republican.  Odds he's ever texted in his life?

PS: I note that all the phoning/texting drivers escaped without a scratch. So what's the big deal? 

PPS: If that blonde believes that "time travel is totally possible," who am I to disagree?

Ray LaHood