Hillary Kvetching Again About VRWC

It could be time to break out those old "Proud Member of the VRWC" coffee mugs collecting dust at the back of your kitchen cabinets.  The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy rides again!

Hillary invoked the VRWC yesterday at a campaign event in Minnesota for Al Franken in his race against incumbent Republican Sen. Norm Coleman.

David Shuster had the report during MSNBC's 4 PM EDT hour today.

View video here.

DAVID SHUSTER: Claims of a Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy have returned to the campaign trail.  Yesterday Hillary was in Minnesota to campaign for comedian-commentator candidate Al Franken to the U.S. Senate.  Take a listen to what Clinton said.  Watch.

Cut to clip of Hillary.

HILLARY CLINTON: Al Franken was taking on the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy before a lot of other people even admitted it existed!

Hillary fans will want to view the video if only to hear her dulcet tones that are, now that she's no longer a candidate, too often absent from the airwaves.

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