Blogger Discovers 'Media Matters' Using Clinton Admin Operatives as Official Agents

Blogger "Conservative Belle" has a penchant for getting to the bottom of stories. You'll remember that a couple weeks ago, she discovered that the fallen soldier whose name David Shuster blamed Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) for not knowing had his official residence in another district. It was a Dem congressman, not Blackburn, whom the Department of the Army had notified of the soldier's death.

Conservative Belle [or "CB," as we like to call her] has gone Sherlock Holmes again today. And this time, she's discovered that "Media Matters," the outfit that denies that Hillary Clinton [contrary to her assertion as pictured here] helped start it, just happens to use as official agents a firm whose head honchos include . . . two senior political operatives from the Clinton adminstration.

CB also has unearthed some interesting information suggesting that in its solicitation of donations, "Media Matters" may be running afoul of the rules in a state near and dear to its DC home.

Check out CB's column: Media Matters - Coincidental Clinton Connections in Colorado?
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