Globe: USA Arrogant . . . And Cuba Has Free Health Care!

August 3rd, 2006 9:32 AM

It's become a punchline:  Sure, Fidel forces champions of democracy to rot in prison.  Yes, his kleptocracy-called-communism has empoverished the masses while enriching the elite. OK, he did permit the Soviets to install nuclear weapons pointed at us.  But -  altogether now - THEY HAVE FREE HEALTHCARE IN CUBA!

You'd think the Boston Globe would be embarrassed to sing that song.  But apparently the MSM are beyond shame.  Here's what the Globe had to say in its editorial of this morning, On Cuba, Try Kindness:

"Cuba is justifiably proud of its healthcare system."

Makes you wonder why travelers are warned that "Medical care does not meet U.S. standards. Many U.S. medications are unavailable. It is useful for travelers to Cuba to bring with them any prescribed medicine, which is for their personal use."

The Globe manages to praise Cuba's health care without breathing a word of condemnation of the brutal dictatorship that has oppressed the Cuban people for almost half a century.  Instead, the Globe predictably reserves its criticism for the United States, accusing our country of "arrogance," "high-handedness," and "the reflexive assertion of American might."

If there's anything 'reflexive,' it's the Globe's tendency to condemn America first.