Katie Wastes No Time: First Reaction to Miers Pick is Negative as Couric Raises "Cronyism" Charge

Even as the news was breaking during the first minutes of the show, Katie Couric wasted absolutely no time in launching the first of what are sure to be many hits on Harriet Miers, who appears to be President Bush's pick to replace Sandra Day O'Connor to the Supreme Court.

Katie took her shot under the guise of a question to Tim Russert: "You know, Tim, the Bush administration has been hit recently with allegations of cronyism. Do you think this is going to feed into that?"

And of just what have those recent allegations of cronyism consisted? The widely reported "fact" that former FEMA Director Mike Brown was the "college roommate" of Joseph Allbaugh, the previous head of FEMA.

There's only one small problem. Brown and Allbaugh didn't even attend the same college. Oh well.

Of Katie's many annoying habits, one of her most grating is her frequent exhortation of "you go girl!" to welcome any achievement by a fellow woman-in-arms. That phrase was noticeably absent as Couric let the claws show for a Republican pick. It appears Katie reserves her feminist solidarity exclusively for her liberal sisters.

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