‘Veep’ Showrunner Bribes Fans: Vote for Biden and We’ll Bring Show Back

October 5th, 2020 4:14 PM

Veep’s lead actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus and showrunner David Mandel appeared on The View Monday to briefly discuss if they would bring back the HBO show that finished its run last year as well as their fundraising efforts for the Biden-Harris campaign. While smearing Republicans as engaging in voter suppression, Mandel actually bribed the show’s fans if they voted for Biden.

Joy Behar first asked, “David, with so many crazy things happening in politics right now, do you foresee "Veep" coming back, and how would Selina Meyer run a campaign in 2020?” 

Mandel explained the Trump administration was worse than they could compete with in their political satire: “We had people sitting in a room trying to think of the worst president and the worst staff in the world, and they were outdoing us week after week.” But Mandel then teased their fans they would reward them if they voted Trump out of office:


We felt like we were, like, running from a giant boulder and we just had to, like, stop, but I will say, if people are interested in seeing the show again, the easiest way to convince us to do the show again is I guess basically to put a more normal president back in the White House. So you don't have to vote for Joe Biden, but if you want to see more Veep, then you have to at least vote for not Trump. So Veep fans, that's something you can think about if that helps. Yeah. 

Right after this, Joy Behar praised the cast for raising half a million dollars for Joe Biden’s campaign in Wisconsin last night, calling it “brilliant.” She asked why they weren’t giving his campaign in Florida money like Michael Bloomberg had done.

The show’s star explained how Hollywood giving loads of cash to Biden was critical to helping him win in Wisconsin where Republicans were “campaigning on voter suppression:”

I'm delighted that Bloomberg is doing that, and I would like it if Bloomberg gave gobs of money to every single swing state, but Wisconsin is sort of -- it has proven to be very much a tipping point. Trump cannot -- cannot win without Wisconsin, and so it's imperative that the Democrats show up and vote, and we're trying to get out the vote. We’re trying to get people to volunteer. We're trying to fight voter suppression which the Republicans are -- it seems to be something they're actually campaigning on, and so I -- Wisconsin is a critical state to support. We were delighted to do it. 

The trio then raged at Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for restricting mail-in-ballot drop off locations to one per county. “Do you think they're trying to suppress the vote or what? Hello!” Behar whined.

In response to Sara Haines asking the Veep actress about criticism for her emceeing at the DNC, Dreyfus was defensive: “I believe in democracy and I think it's being undermined by the current administration, and the Republican Party for that matter. So I think it was critical for me to be there when asked,” she explained, adding that she felt it was her duty as an American.

Before touting the frantic warning that Trump will destroy America if we don’t get him out of office, you know, the same thing the media has been saying for the past 3+years: “This election is imperative. So much is on the line. So much. Our country is on the line. I have never felt this stronger. Everything is on the line. Everything!” Dreyfus fretted.

“We have a lot of work to do even after Joe gets in,” Whoopi Goldberg agreed as she wrapped the interview up.

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