Even MSNBC Liberals Are Worried About Trump’s Support Among Latino Voters

September 9th, 2020 11:43 AM

MSNBC Live host Stephanie Ruhle was shocked and dismayed Wednesday morning by a NBC/Marist poll showing President Trump beating Biden in Florida with Latino voters. She brought on a panelist of Latino political strategists--- one never Trump Republican and one progressive-- as well as a Telemundo correspondent to discuss why this was the case. It was simply unbelievable to the MSNBC anchor that many Latino voters haven’t been swayed by the media’s constant propagandizing that President Trump hates immigrants.

Ruhle first brought up a tweet from her progressive panelist, Chuck Rocha, a former senior advisor to Bernie Sanders. Rocha told Democrats to “wake up” and start “investing”in the Latino vote. He actually gave Republicans props for how they treated Latino voters during their convention, saying it could help Trump get re-elected:

At the Democratic Convention we were complaining there was no Latino representation. At the Republican Convention they were literally nationalizing citizens on the stage! Now, that don't [sic] mean you're going to get all of the vote. But just making those gestures that can skew up one point, three points, four points. And Donald Trump don’t need to win all the vote, he just needs to win 4% to 8% of the vote and he's going to be re-elected. 

Ruhle bristled at this news. Turning to Telemundo correspondent Cristina Londoño, she asked how Puerto Ricans in Florida could support President Trump after he did “so little” to help during Hurricane Maria (another lie from the media). 

Even Londoño, not exactly a Trump fan, had to admit that Trump’s messaging condemning socialism was working with many of the refugees in Florida who fled communist countries:



STEPHANIE RUHLE: Christina, let's go to Florida. It was after the last devastating hurricane in Puerto Rico when president trump did so little to help Puerto Ricans and many moved to the state of Florida. Over and over on shows like this we said this is really going to hurt him in Florida politically, but it's not. He is leading among Latino voters there. Why is that? 

CRISTINA LONDONO: [B]ecause his message to the Latino voters in Florida is targeted at South Florida mostly, at the Cuban American votes, at the Venezuelans, the Colombians, even central Americans that fled during the war in their countries and are terrified of socialism. It's the "S" word that President Trump has been mentioning over and over again saying that Biden/Harris ticket would be a return of the radical left, exactly the same reason why they left their countries, and that seems to be working for them. 

Ruhle was flabbergasted that Latinos were “buying into” Trump’s messaging that the Biden/Harris ticket was radical, when the media keeps tells them they’re really “centrist” and it’s racist Trump they have to be worried about!

But why is it that anyone believes that message about Joe Biden, Sol? Joe Biden has been in office for decades and there is nothing super Progressive or socialist about him. Why are people suddenly buying into this idea that Joe Biden is a radical? Especially Latinos, when President Trump has said and done so many anti-immigrant things? 

Her third panelist, Sol Trujillo, a former policy adviser to Clinton and George W. Bush and an anti-Trump Republican, conceded the socialism messaging appeals to Latinos depending on where they came from. He also explained how taxes and the economy were some of Trump's strongest selling points for Latinos because many own their own family businesses:

One of the important points that I think gets missed by everybody is that Latinos are very entrepreneurial. Probably one out of every three or four families owns a business. So they do care about regulation, they do care about taxes, they care about their source of income and those items and issues that appeal to them or are important to their family...

Towards the end of the segment, Telemundo's Londoño admitted that the Trump campaign was courting Latino voters much better than the Biden campaign, and there was “a little bit of mistrust” for Biden because of the Obama administration’s “broken promises” on immigration:

In all fairness, the Trump campaign has been very presenting in the Latino communities just like Chuck was saying. Latinos for Trump has been active for the past year. They have a field advantage....There's a little bit of mistrust with the Biden campaign because of that immigration promise happening all over again and Latinos not knowing if this is going to be another one of those broken promises...

But Londoño wasn’t done delivering her bad news for Democrats. She added that many voters she spoke to had told her their vote was “secret” and that could be part of the silent majority Trump vote:

“There's a growing number of them telling me “my vote is secret,” not telling us how they're going to vote. We don't know why. Is it going to be part of that Trump hidden vote, is it not? The key with the Latino community is will they show up. That is the biggest question,” Londoño admitted. 

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