Frantic Joy Behar: Trump Is 'Destroying the Water,' You Must Vote Democrat in 2020!

September 13th, 2019 1:04 PM

The View co-host Joy Behar went on a rant on Friday’s show, urging the show’s liberal viewers to unite behind whomever the Democrat nominee will be. Behar painted a bleak dystopian picture of what America is like now under President Trump, warning liberals that to save the country and their children, they must vote Democrat, no matter what, in 2020.

The hosts spent most of Friday’s show discussing the Democrat candidates' performances during last night’s debate. Joy Behar got the last word in, as she put on her best Chicken Little performance, trying to instill fear into the hearts of her liberal viewers about what four more years of Donald Trump as President would look like, (namely, that he was destroying the environment and children were going to be drinking filthy water.) She urged liberals to vote for a Democrat candidate they may not like because they'll still "do the right thing:"



BEHAR: Well, I just wanted to say that, you know, people have to remember that we're voting for an entire executive branch. We're not just voting for one man. Everybody on that stage is on the same place about health care basically. They want you to have it. They're not taking it away like the other party. They're all on the same page about climate change. They're worried about water. This guy, Trump, is allowing pesticides for the children are going to ingest. He's throwing -- he's throwing -- uh what's that stuff he's throwing into the water? He’s destroying the water.

HOSTIN: The regulations are going to be relaxed.

BEHAR: They're on the same page about that. They're on the same page about guns. So you're not just voting for a person. You're voting for a party, and I think people need to remember that. So If you don't love Joe Biden, remember if he can get elected, he will do the right thing. Everything that comes by his desk is a Democratic initiative!

Her co-host Meghan McCain frequently boasts that Republicans “fall in line” while Democrats “fall in love.” With 2020 quickly approaching, maybe Behar is actually questioning that strategy.