GMA Gushes Over ‘Rising Star’ Abrams, Dems Inviting Illegals, Activists to SOTU; Skips WH Guests

ABC couldn’t stop gushing over the Democrats and their invited guests to tonight's State of the Union address, on Tuesday’s Good Morning America. Congressional correspondent Mary Bruce even ludicrously called failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, a “rising star,” hoping that she might run again in the Senate. Bruce also touted Democrats inviting illegal aliens and activists to the address, but failed to mention any of the guests invited by the White House.

Anchor George Stephanopoulos led into the two reports calling it “unusual” for Democrats to pick Abrams to give the Democrat rebuttal to President Trump’s address. Bruce touted how “high profile” an assignment it was for someone who lost their midterms race. Bruce seemingly tried to justify the pick, noting that she was a “rising star” and Democrats wanted her to run again:

“But Democrat leaders see her as a rising star and are encouraging her to seek office again, possibly even for Senate,” Bruce gushed, adding, “She is known as a fierce advocate for voting rights,”(a nice way of saying Abrams wouldn’t concede the election results, clinging to unfounded claims of voter fraud.)

Bruce also highlighted the Democrat guests to the SOTU. She misled viewers by calling illegal immigrants invited simply “immigrants” and the left-wing activist at Brett Kavanaugh’s hearing, simply a “protester:”

Of course you have all of the Democrats who will invite guests to help underscore their agenda and their positions. Many Democrat lawmakers have invited immigrants, many survivors of gun violence and victims, and then you have Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, one of the prominent rising stars in the democratic party who has invited one of those protesters, one of the survivors of sexual assault who had that dramatic encounter with Senator Flake around Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination.

Bruce failed to report on any of the White House’s invited guests to the national address, which includes victims of illegal immigrant violence, and a survivor of both the Holocaust and the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. By contrast, both NBC and CBS detailed Trump's guests, in their reports this morning.

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