McCain Slams ‘View’ for Clapping at John Kelly Bashing: 'Some Things Precede Politics'

December 11th, 2018 1:34 PM

Tuesday on The View, co-hosts Meghan McCain and Sunny Hostin got into a heated argument over Chief of Staff John Kelly leaving the Trump administration. While discussing the high turnover rate in the White House, Hostin claimed that the four-star general’s reputation was forever sullied by working for Trump. As the audience whooped at Hostin’s liberal talking points, McCain slammed her co-host and the audience for discounting Kelly’s service for the country.

After complaining that Trump doesn’t “listen to anyone,” Hostin admitted she had high hopes for the Marine Corps General but was disappointed, saying that working for Trump “tarnished” his reputation. Joy Behar agreed saying he now had a “lousy reputation:”

SUNNY HOSTIN: He doesn't listen to anyone. I know when John Kelly was appointed I'm thinking, you know, he is this four-star marine general. He will be the adult in the room, but it's clear that they clashed, that trump did not listen to him, and honestly he came in with this wonderful reputation, and I think the administration actually tarnished that reputation.

HUNTSMAN: I don’t agree with that actually.

BEHAR: He had a lousy reputation

As Abby Huntsman disagreed, Hostin snapped back at the interruption, listing off her grievances about how Kelly reacted to the whole Frederica Wilson media-driven spat with President Trump, and the border policy as unforgivable:


ABBY HUNTSMAN: General John Kelly? I think General John Kelly still has a fabulous reputation based off the career and he served this country. Anyone that works for president Trump has a bad reputation? Is that --

HOSTIN: If I can finish what I was going to say, then maybe you would hear me. You know, John Kelly, when he disparaged Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, lied about her and then refused to apologize, I thought that didn't look good on his reputation. He endorsed the controversial and short-lived policy of separating children from their immigrant parents in an effort to deter illegal crossings. He--

At that, McCain jumped in to point out that Kelly’s own son died in service for our country:

“If you want to talk about children. He gave a child for our freedom. His son died in combat. I mean, if you want to talk about children,” she slammed. But Hostin continued hammering Kelly for comments he’s made, as the audience approved:

He said the Civil War was due to a lack of compromise. When I look at all the things he did during the administration, that's what I will remember him for. Not saying everyone, but that’s what I will remember him for, especially when he disparaged a congresswoman, lied about her and then refused to apologize.


McCain took the audience and her co-host to task for piling on Kelly, saying he was someone who deserved more respect than they were showing him.

“I think it’s weird to be clapping, whatever you think about his politics, he lost his son in combat for freedom,” she slammed. “I do think there are some things that precede politics and I think service and being in the military and losing a son and being part of a gold star family is one of those things,” she continued.

Behar started to defend Hostin saying, "You can be both things at the same time."

But McCain pushed back. "They can do whatever they want. I’m just saying for me, it makes me uncomfortable," she said as the segment wrapped up.