ABC, NBC, CBS Ignore Dem 2020 Hopeful Threatening Americans With Violence in Tweet

November 19th, 2018 11:53 AM

All three networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) ignored California Democrat Congressman and possible 2020 presidential contender Eric Swalwell’s incendiary tweets this past weekend calling for the federal government to “nuke” American citizens who objected to the federal government confiscating their firearms.

It started with an op-ed for USA Today in May, where the congressman argued for a government “buyback” of semiautomatic “assault weapons,” which is a nice way to say that he wants the government to take away legal gun owners’ firearms, something the left always argues is a right-wing conspiracy theory, by the way.

After conservative Twitter took the congressman to task for that proposal last week, the Democrat got himself into further hot water by mocking that Americans wouldn’t want to try to fight back against the federal government, because “they have nukes,” in a tweet Friday:

Of course that didn’t go over well. Even as he later claimed he was being “sarcastic,” he was still completely serious about confiscating guns, which is controversial on its own.

Despite the networks obsessing over every Trump tweet and insult on a daily and hourly basis, they couldn’t find time to cover this outrageous tweet or proposal from the Democrat politician, on Monday’s morning news shows.

In fact, Fox News was the only news network to highlight the controversy. On Fox and Friends: Saturday, they devoted a brief report to it. You can see the clip below, where guest and NRA-TV host Dan Bongino called it the “single dumbest tweet in the history of the Twitters.”