CNN Films Produces Gushy Ginsburg Documentary

January 24th, 2018 5:28 PM

As if one feminist biopic about Ruth Bader Ginsburg in 2018 wasn’t enough, CNN has partnered with two liberal production companies to release yet another one this year.

CNN Films premiered their own documentary called, RBG, this past Sunday at Sundance Film Festival, and it is set to air on their network at a later date.

This doc comes on the heels of another Ginsburg film, the long-hyped Hollywood biopic called On the Basis of Sex, which features Star Wars actress Felicity Jones and is slated to be released sometime this year as well.

Participant Media and Magnolia Pictures, the left-wing production companies that CNN sold the international rights to promote it, called Ginsburg’s story “extraordinary,” “amazing” and “incredibly inspirational,” saying that the film “highlights Justice Ginsburg’s tremendous effect on all of our lives,” and presents “a vital opportunity to encourage public discourse on the persistent barriers in achieving gender parity.”

Of course the media has had nothing but nice things to say about the clearly one-sided CNN documentary.

Entertainment Weekly opened their review of RBG by gushing, “Forget movie stars. The hottest celebrity at the Sundance Film Festival this weekend was Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.”

EW continued with the flattering portrayal of Ginsburg in the film:

The film traces the history of the beloved Supreme Court Justice, illustrating how a shy, brilliant Brooklyn girl worked tirelessly, fell in love, championed women, made history, migrated to the left of the bench, befriended late Justice Antonin Scalia, curated an extensive wardrobe of lace and rhinestone collars, and became “notorious.”

Yuck. If that wasn’t gushy enough, The Los Angeles Times also reviewed RBG in glowing terms, touting the 84-year-old's cultural relevance to younger generations in speaking out about the #MeToo movement and criticizing President Trump.

According to the paper, the film celebrates Ginsburg’s life and legacy, foiling the feminist heroine against her male critics, (specifically naming Trump). Guest interviews with Gloria Steinem, NPR’s Nina Totenberg and Bill Clinton are also included in the documentary, reportedly, and “create a picture of her personal and professional life.”

At the Sundance premiere, lefty actor Robert Redford introduced Ginsburg while Totenberg held a friendly interview with Ginsburg before a captive audience. That same weekend, protesters from the “Women’s March” filled up several cities across the U.S., including Park City, Utah, where the film festival was being held. Ginsburg told the audience she was “glad to see” the anti-Trump protest happen. According to EW:

Justice Ginsburg was “glad to see it happen, because the march, the first women’s march, was hugely attended, and I wondered whether it would stop at that or whether the movement would continue. And I think yesterday was proof that it will continue,” she said.

CNN partnering to produce this film about one of the left’s favorite social justice warriors is about as predictable as the media’s distaste for late conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. The media has shown much more reverence to and lavished more praise on the still-living Justice’s “legacy” than they ever did for the brilliant Scalia, who died in 2016.

Whether it was hailing a children's book about Ginsburg, portraying her as a badass on SNL, refusing to label her as a liberal, calling her a “friend,” or praising her as a “modern woman,” the media's clearly chosen what side of the political aisle they want to promote.