AP Hires Left Wing Huffington Post Editor As Lead ‘Fact-Checker’ For New Project

The Associated Press announced Monday that they were developing a new global fact-checking team, headed by no other than the editor of The Huffington Post’s breaking news section. The reason this is so problematic, is obvious to anyone who has taken a second glance at the website’s front page in the past five years.

Huffington Post isn’t just a liberal outlet; it’s one of the most popular and most extreme left-wing outlets in the online media. Their articles are basically propaganda, not even slightly subtly disguised as “news articles.”

HuffPo’s news editor Karen Mahabir, who used to work for The Associated Press, will rejoin the newswire to head their new fact-checking division, and evidence of her own left-wing views aren’t hard to find.

Though she doesn’t post to her own Twitter account frequently, she has retweeted articles from colleagues and other media outlets, that crassly bashed the president, praised Hillary Clinton and “abortion rights,” fear-mongered over gun rights, and mocked Christians. So it’s safe to assume where her own loyalties lie and how that will affect her judgement as AP’s fact-checker.

According to the newswire, the AP is using a $245,000 grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, a journalism “truth-telling” organization whose own president and CEO resides on journalism advisory boards funded by George Soros. So basically AP is taking money from liberal fact-checkers to hire more liberal fact-checkers, yet we are supposed to be they are a neutral journalism outlet?
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