ABC, NBC, and CBS Ignore New Damning Comey Report

July 10th, 2017 10:21 AM

All three networks spent so much time Monday morning breathlessly questioning whether or not Donald Trump Jr. “colluded” with Russia by agreeing to a meeting with an anonymous Russian lawyer during the campaign, that they couldn’t find any time to report on another important development in the same investigation--perhaps because it wasn’t centered on the Trump campaign.

The new report from The Hill Sunday revealed that more than half of former FBI Director James Comey’s personal memos were determined to have contained classified information. While Comey claimed under oath that these were his personal notes and did not contain sensitive material, officials close to the matter have determined that 4 of the 7 memos contained highly classified information.

This is troubling because the information that Comey leaked to the press may have been from one of these four memos. If this is true, then Comey may have lied under oath when he testified that his memos did not contain classified information. While Comey famously blasted Hillary Clinton’s “extremely careless” handling of “highly classified information,” he may be guilty of doing the same thing with his memos on Trump.

But despite this important development, all three networks ignored the news on their morning broadcasts Monday. Not one report or brief was given to the topic. The only airtime the story got was through a brief mention of it by Kellyanne Conway on Good Morning America.

After being grilled by anchor George Stephanopoulos over Don Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer during June of 2016, Conway ended the interview by asking why ABC wasn’t interested in reporting on the latest Comey news.

Look I wasn’t in the meeting, I wasn’t in the meeting. But people amended their disclosure forms. and I think the big bombshell this morning is Jim Comey disclosing confidential information, conversations he had with the President of the United States he had in his “private memos.” That's something Americans should really focus on.

Of course Stephanopoulos didn’t respond to this statement and it wasn’t brought up by the network later in the broadcast either.