GMA Gushes: Will ‘Rockstar’ Michelle Obama Run for Office?

Tuesday’s Good Morning America devoted more time trying to puff up the Obamas approval ratings than it did reporting on the latest news of his failing health care program. While ABC spent a mere 13 second newsbrief on the rising Obamacare premiums, they did two full reports and a newsbrief on the First Lady campaigning for Hillary, and the President reading “mean tweets” on Jimmy Kimmel last night. The anchors laughed over President Obama “having fun” on the late-night comedy show, but had even more enthusiasm for Michelle, the “rockstar.”

Anchor Robin Roberts began by raving Clinton’s camp was calling Michelle a ‘rockstar’ on the campaign trail which was,leaving many people wondering, ‘will she run for office herself?’” Roberts again hyped Michelle’s popularity, saying that she had been asked “repeatedly” to run for office, but had adamantly denied interest.

Robin Roberts then asked Cokie Roberts if there was any chance Mrs. Obama would take up a position with the Democrats in Illinois, who had openings. Cokie denied any likelihood of that happening, but said the First Lady’s lack of interest in running for office is exactly why she was “authentic.”

COKIE: But that is part of the reason she’s so effective, Robin, everybody knows that she’s the real deal! And she’s not running for something herself so anything she says, actually sounds authentic, because it is.

Praising how likeable the Obamas are is a frequent occurrence on the network news. After Michelle’s speech at the DNC, the networks touted people crying at the “artfully painted” and “remarkable” speech while the networks gushed over the “beautiful” movie about the Obamas first date.

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