'Absolutely' 'No Evidence!' Tur, Mitchell Deny Brazile Helped Clinton in WikiLeaks E-mail

For the second time this week, a liberal member of the media was caught feeding beneficial information to Hillary Clinton before a debate or story was put out to the public. Earlier this week, Politico reporter Glenn Thrush was caught getting Clinton campaign chair John Podesta’s approval on an article he was writing about the Clinton campaign, before he published it. Now, it’s former CNN political analyst, turned interim DNC Chairwoman, Donna Brazile’s turn to be outed. In another WikiLeaks e-mail, it was revealed Brazile floated a debate question to Clinton’s team the day before Clinton would receive a very similar question at a CNN town hall. The e-mail was pretty straightforward, yet still the liberal media is bending over backwards to defend one of their own.

On MSNBC Live this afternoon, Katy Tur reported from a Donald Trump rally, when she started arguing with what Trump was saying on stage about WikiLeaks. Anchor Andrea Mitchell urged her to explain how Trump was wrong and stressed that there had been no “collusion” between Donna Brazile and Hillary Clinton.

Mitchell appeared confused at first, wondering if Tur was talking about the candidates being fed questions before last night’s debate. Tur clarified that Trump was talking about a prior townhall before Mitchell stepped in to dismiss Trump’s statement as false.

ANDREA MITCHELL: I want to go back to Katy Tur. What is your reporting saying about whether the Donald Trump tweet today and the aftermath of a really bad debate performance once he went there after a strong start, I should say, he's now-- Is your reporting that he was not tweeting about the questions being in the moderate having been given to Hillary Clinton last night?

KATY TUR: Listen, I want to be very clear that there's absolutely no evidence to support any idea that anyone was getting the questions beforehand at any of the three presidential debates. What it seems that Donald Trump is referring to is a primary town hall with CNN, something that was revealed in WikiLeaks where a question that CNN had planned was very much like a question that Donald Trump actually -- or that Hillary Clinton actually received in the debate or in the town hall at that time. CNN denied any collusion.

MITCHELL: Oh, That was completely knocked down.  

Here, Tur and Mitchell became so anxious to clear Brazile’s name, that they kept talking over eachother in a sloppy effort to deny the Wikileaks e-mail means what it says it does.

TUR: Yeah I want to be abundantly clear--

MITCHELL:  Yeah that was completely knocked down--

TUR: I want to be abundantly clear that there is absolutely--

MITCHELL: She was a panelist and--

TUR: Yes. There's just no evidence to support this whatsoever, is the point I want to make. But Donald Trump is going for it regardless.

Tur then went on to slam Trump as frequently traveling in falsehoods, setting the precedent many journalists set long ago, to never believe anything Trump says, regardless of the direct evidence (such as in this WikiLeaks e-mail.)

TUR: But let's be clear about something else, oftentimes there is no evidence to support many of Donald Trump's claims that he makes on the campaign trail, that he tweets about, even in the debates...

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