Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Turns Blind Eye to Soft on Crime Democrat Judge Candidate

April 3rd, 2023 11:40 PM

On Tuesday, Wisconsin voters will decide the ideological balance of the state Supreme Court for the first time in fifteen years. This election will have national implications on everything from abortion to gun rights to election integrity. Despite this, both the national and local media in Wisconsin have refused to look into the soft-on crime record of the Democrat candidate for the Wisconsin Supreme Court, Janet Protasiewicz. 

A recent email exchange between Dan Curry of Restoration News, part of the non-partisan political action committee Restoration of America PAC (ROA), and Corrinne Hess, a political reporter for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, showed how uninterested the leftist media are in covering any unfavorable stories having to do with Democrats.

Hess had emailed Curry looking for comment on a television ad that she presumably thought was inaccurate or unfair toward to Democrat candidate Protasiewicz. While emailing back his response, he asked Hess to look into the Perez case which the leftist media had neglected to cover in any meaningful way during the campaign.

Her response? “I actually didn’t know about this Perez case. But I will look at it." 

For those unfamiliar with the Perez case, ROA accurately and succinctly summarized it below:

26-year-old niece of Milwaukee Common Council President Jose Perez — Aliyah Perez — was found dead, the victim of domestic abuse. Her suspected killer, police say, is Elijah Combs, who killed himself after a well-publicized police chase and crash...Protasiewicz, as a Milwaukee Circuit Court Judge, had previously allowed Combs to escape with only probation from a previous violent domestic assault instead of sending him to prison where he would have been unable to kill anyone in 2023. 

Unsurprisingly, Protasiewicz was also being backed by liberal billionaire George Soros

To make matters worse, according to ROA, "Hess and the Journal Sentinel 'found' seemingly the only victim or victims’ family member in Wisconsin who isn’t unhappy with Protasiewicz’s light sentences and wrote a story attacking conservative groups attacking Protasiewicz." 

Local news media appears to be just as aggressively biased as their national counterparts. The Democrat Party agenda must always come first and any story that is inconvenient or damaging to their electoral or political prospects must be squashed. This is just as true for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel as it is for MSNBC or CNN.