Howard Dean Goes On Unhinged Rant Against 'White Supremacist' NRA

July 3rd, 2017 4:54 PM

Howard Dean appeared on Monday’s MSNBC Live with Katy Tur and went on an unhinged rant against the state of American politics. He began by first stating that, “the right has been out of step with America for a long time.” This naturally prompted the question by Tur as to why Republicans then control the presidency and Congress. Dean answered by labeling far-right Trump voters as people “with guns that want to shoot up the place” and the NRA as a “white supremacist organization.”

Tur only offered a tepid condemnation of Dean’s initial remarks by saying, “I don't think anyone is defining them that way,” before allowing the former Democratic presidential candidate to continue on with his insane tirade, unabated. The full exchange went as follows:

HOWARD DEAN: The right has been out of step with where America is for a long time. Trump doesn’t mind alienating as long as he has his core constituencies. His core constituency is somewhere between 29 and 39 percent. That is not enough to win an election.

KATY TUR: But, Howard you say the right has been out of step, and that was basically conventional wisdom during the election, and Republicans won majorities in both the house and senate. And you're talking about finding those middle voters that don't agree with the President in this big swath of the country that doesn’t respect him, doesn’t like him, doesn’t think that he’s is fit for office. there was a big swath that thought all of those things during the election but he still won.

There seems to be a disconnect when I look at this and I hear people say to me on this show, “Don't worry to those who worry about the presidency that there is enough of the country that we will be able to push back and take him out of office. But the reality is this man has not changed even a little since the election. If there was a majority that would come out and make sure he wasn’t voted in back then, what is -- what changes now. What is the difference maker here?

DEAN: A lot of the Trump voters  are not far-righters with guns that want to shoot up the place.

TUR: Well, I don't think anyone is defining them that way.

DEAN: No, but there certainly are some of them. And the NRA put an appalling ad out there which really, basically made the statement that the NRA was now a white supremacist group. I couldn’t believe the ad I saw. So there are far right people who are crazy for Donald Trump. That is not the majority of Trump voters. I think the majority of Trump voters certainly. some of whom I’ve talked to, wanted real change and didn't think Hillary would be a candidate of change, which is accurate. I personally think Hillary would have been a great president.

But that’s not where enough electoral–there weren’t enough electoral votes that agreed with my position. Now what Trump has done, and I think the right wing of the Republican party has done, with the repeal of Obamacare is to alienate all those people in the middle who hope for real change and, well, they got some change, all right. They got some change which is embarrassing to the United States of America which we all love.

It’s always fascinating at how quickly the left moves on and forgets events once they are no longer of any value to them. Steve Scalise was shot and nearly murdered by a crazed gunmen a mere three weeks ago, yet already, a prominent Democratic leader is unashamedly, falsely accusing Republican voters of the same action. The fact that the media are more than happy to allow such antics is just a further indication of where their true agenda and allegiances really lie.

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