LA Times Compares Shoe Hurler To Joe Wurzelbacher

December 16th, 2008 2:57 AM

While the mainstream media whines that everyone should just "move on" from the Blagojevich scandal, they continue to harp on any conservative who was involved with McCain-Palin campaign. Los Angeles Times writer Tina Susman took a shot at Joe Wurzelbacher on Monday and compared him to Iraqi journalist and part-time shoe thrower Muntather Zaidi.(my emphasis throughout:)

 In the few seconds it took Iraqi journalist Muntather Zaidi to wing a pair of shoes at President George Bush, the Middle East got its own version of Joe the Plumber.

Just as Joe Wurzelbacher's gripes to Barack Obama during the U.S. presidential election catapulted him to fame, Zaidi's burst of rage toward Bush during a Baghdad news conference Sunday has made him a household name across the Middle East.

To many, Zaidi is a hero for engaging in the ultimate Arab world insult -- hurling his shoes -- at Bush, who ducked to avoid being slammed in the head. To others, Zaidi is an embarrassment for a society that prides itself on being hospitable to guests, even those who are not much liked. Whichever way his act is viewed, there's no question that Zaidi, like Wurzelbacher, is no longer just another Joe.

Apparently, someone did not tell Susman that the 2008 election is over and Joe Wurzelbacher only asked a question of then candidate Obama that liberals did not like. This is a far cry from a physical assault.

While Susman's article is mostly a description of all the support Zaidi is receiving from the Middle East to the United States, nevertheless she points out that Zaidi owns a Che Guevara poster in his apartment.

This kind of information begins to explain why many on the left in the United States are cheering this individual on, as they may have the same poster tacked to their own walls.

The Wurzelbacher analogy is weak anyway. Perhaps Susman could not think of a conservative who has physically assaulted a liberal politician or dignitary in the name of a political issue.

This may be shocking to Susman, but only liberals physically attack those who do not agree with them.  Newsweek celebrated the physical assaults on those like Ann Coulter, Bill Kristol, Pat Buchanan, and David Horowitz. Thomas Friedman recently joined this club.

It is not just prominent conservatives, though, who have been physically attacked by lefties. Just ask any celebrity in Hollywood who dared to wear fur one evening and had red paint hurled on them by a PETA activist.

Maybe Susman had a revelation for a moment that only Che-Guevara worshiping individuals throw shoes, pies, and paint at other people they do not like.  Why should it matter?  As far as Susman is concerned, asking Obama a challenging question is the same as assault.