'Pearls Before Swine' Comic Strip Mocks Censorship on Campus

April 15th, 2016 11:46 AM

Political correctness insanity has been viciously mocked on South Park, but now it may also start taking a licking in the comics pages of your local newspaper.

Cartoonist Stephan Pastis devoted his April 15 Pearls Before Swine strip to mocking how American college campuses have turned against free speech and towards mollycoddling precious little snowflakes who can't bear the psychological trauma of differing viewpoints.

The strip opens with Rat telling his friend Goat, "Hey, 'Pearls' is gonna be published in a bunch of university newspapers this week." Goat, the bookish and most philosophical of the cast of Pearls then waxes eloquently about how "universities have always been a bastion of free speech..." only to find his comments have been redacted to avoid offending college readers.

"Uh... what happened to universities?" Goat complained, prompting Rat to respond, "We raised a few over-sensitive ninnies?"

An unseen character off-panel then cries out "BAN THAT!"

Pearls Before Swine runs daily in some 650 newspapers worldwide and is available online at GoComics.com.

Image credits: Pearls Before Swine comic strip via GoComics.com. Front page "safe space" cartoon via Honey Badger Brigade.