WashPost Cartoonist Toles Compares ObamaCare Critics to Segregationist George Wallace

November 8th, 2013 6:48 PM

We here at NewsBusters usually pay no mind to Tom Toles, the editorial cartoonist for the Washington Post. He's paid to render his opinion through his work -- although the quality of both his cartooning the cleverness of his observations are, to be charitable, debatable -- so it takes something really egregious to get on our radar.

That happened today when Mr. Toles compared Republican critics of ObamaCare with segregationist Democrat George Wallace, depicting the iconic Republican elephant mascot standing in a doorway marked "health care door" and proclaiming [see cartoon below the page break]:

Non-universal coverage now, Non-universal coverage tomorrow, Non-universal coverage forever, Has a certain ring to it.

That is patently reprehensible and utterly offensive to the real victims of segregation, not to mention it's a ham-handed attempt at shaming Republicans for their legitimate policy disagreements with ObamaCare.

The last time we criticized Toles was back in May 2012 for a cartoon in which he suggested that it would be great if critics of same-sex marriage would "hurry up" and die off.

The Washington Post would do well to look at today's editorial cartoon as one of many reasons the broadsheet is hemorrhaging subscribers.