Hot Air's Pavlich: Mayor Bloomberg Violates Cardinal Rules of Gun Safety During Press Conference

You'd think Mayor Mike Bloomberg would have learned his lesson after his Mayors Against Illegal Guns group was caught earlier this year running ads with an actor violating the cardinal rules of gun safety. But today's NYPD press conference announcing a major gun-trafficking bust proves otherwise.

For her "photo of the day" entry, Hot Air Green Room blogger Katie Pavlich noted how, "[d]uring the press conference and in an effort to take advantage of a good photo-op, the clueless anti-gun zealots pointed the seized firearms at...the audience." The photo shows rows of handguns resting on a blue-clothed table with the muzzles pointed towards the audience. What's more, Pavlich added in an update linking to pro-gun rights site,  it appears most if not all of the guns "had the actions/bolts closed and the safeties off."

"While we hope that the NYPD had the good sense to clear each and every firearm on display, what they failed to do is as undeniable as it is unforgivable. They clearly left magazines in, with bolts closed, on numerous firearms pointing at the press corpse," a writer for noted (see screen capture below).

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