Bozell, Varney Discuss Liberal Media's Ire Over Obama/Holder DOJ Seizing AP Phone Records

"I've just been chuckling at" the media's response to Associated Press phone records probe by the Obama/Holder Justice Department, NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell confessed to Fox Business Network host Stuart Varney this morning on the May 14 Varney & Co.

"There have been four years of overreach by this administration, four years of people not involved in journalism saying this was an administration that was drunk on power and evasive and dishonest, and the media would have nothing of it," noted the Media Research Center founder. It took the administration "turning on the press as well, and suddenly they're apoplectic," Bozell noted with a laugh. [For the full segment, watch the video below the page break]

Also discussed was the media's mild coverage of the Benghazi fiasco.

"Has anybody in the establishment media said the president lied about Benghazi or about anything else?" Varney asked Bozell, who responded that no one has, while NBC News has spun Obama's woes by saying the 44th president is the "victim" of the so-called second term curse, like many presidents before him.

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