Politico Aggressively Tweets Stories about Mourdock Row, Ignores Benghazi Bombshell

"Fact: @Politico has tweeted FIVE times on Richard Mourdock and NOTHING on leaked White House Libya emails since story broke @foxnewswatch", Richard Grennell tweeted shortly around 1:15 p.m. Eastern today (h/t my colleague Tim Graham for bringing this to my attention).

Sure enough, if you check @politico's Twitter stream, that's just what you'll find. What's more, a search of Politico's website for "news stories" mentioning "Libya" and "emails" from October 23-24 yielded a total of just TWO stories, both of which were about political reactions to the troubling new revelations:

  1. Hillary Clinton: 'Cherry picked' Libya emails prove little
  2. Senator: Hearing on Benghazi emails

The first one is a brief AP article where Clinton dismisses the import of the new revelations. The second is a Katie Glueck write-up about Sen. Saxby Chambliss's (R-Ga.) appearance on the October 24 "Fox & Friends," where he "slammed the Obama administration on Wednesday and called for additional hearings on Libya after emails surfaced showing that White House officials knew within hours that an Islamic militant group was taking responsibility for the attacks on the Benghazi-based U.S. Consulate there."

By contrast, a search of Politico.com for "news stories" in the same date range with the terms "Mourdock" and "God intended" yielded, you guessed it, FIVE stories (in reverse chronological order):

  1. Obama kicks off campaign blitz in Iowa
  2. Rape comments rattle Senate race
  3. Buchanan: Mitt Romney rejects 'rape' remark
  4. GOP splits over Mourdock comment
  5. Mourdock talks rape, pregnancy and God's plan