Raw Video Shows Gov. Brewer Warmly Greeted Obama Upon Arrival

While the liberal news media has been making much of an out-of-context snapshot of Gov. Jan Brewer (R-Ariz.) supposedly dressing down President Obama, missing in all the discussion is the exchange in context as could be provided by video footage of the chat.

The Washington Post's 44 Blog has such raw video -- via the Associated Press -- in a post this afternoon. Unfortunately much of the conversation between Brewer and Obama is obscured by the presidential limo, but initial footage from another camera angle shows Brewer warmly greeted the nation's chief executive as he stepped onto the tarmac.

The media meme is that Brewer rudely disrespected President Obama and the office he holds by wagging her finger at the nation's chief executive. But given the limited camera angles and an utter inability to hear the full conversation as it developed, there's no way to independently establish how the conversation evolved, or devolved as the case may be.

Chalk this up as yet another way in which the media just aren't committed to telling the truth.

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