WaPo Offers Puffy Profile on Leggy MSNBC Contributor Krystal Ball

September 12th, 2011 1:30 PM

The Washington Post would have you know that Fox News hasn't cornered the market on political analysts who are easy on the eyes.

In his Metro section front-pager today-- "Leaping from scandal to punditry: Racy photos pushed Va. candidate Krystal Ball into commentary"* -- reporter Ben Pershing offered Post readers a puffy profile on the 29-year-old one-time Democratic candidate for Virginia's 1st District House seat.

Ball's long-shot campaign seized national media attention, Pershing reminded readers, after some risque photos from a costume party came to light.

For its part, the Post opted to offer readers a somewhat sultry photo of Ball (embedded below) to accompany the story on the jump page, complete with a caption that notes that Ball credits "the racy photos that emerged during her campaign last year" with getting her "'in the loop' for television commentary."

Pershing waited until the 23rd paragraph to admit that, despite being tagged often on-air as a "Democratic strategist" that Ball has not now nor has she ever "advised, been employed by or volunteered for any other campaign or elected official," although she certainly "has some clear expertise on at least one topic -- damage control."

*The online edition has a different headline: "Krystal Ball: From scandal star to professional pundit."