Merry Christmas, America: MSNBC Pulls Plug on 'Dr. Nancy'

Well, it looks like a death panel inside MSNBC has mercifully pulled the plug on the "Dr. Nancy" program. TV Newser's Chris Ariens reported the story earlier today:

Breaking: TVNewser has learned MSNBC has canceled "Dr. Nancy" the NoonET health/medical show hosted by Dr. Nancy Snynderman.

The cancellation of "Dr. Nancy" is yet another daytime programming move by MSNBC, which has fallen to 4th and, on some days, 5th place in the daytime ratings. Last week, the network announced it was moving Dylan Ratigan from two hours in the morning (9-11amET) to one hour in the afternoon (4pmET), beginning next month.

The Ratigan and Snynderman shows premiered the same day, June 29.

Of course, Snyderman will understand, after all, rationing is an accepted fact of life for Dr. Nancy, and networks have to ration their time very carefully.

All the same, I can't help but thinking that Snyderman's program outlived its usefulness for MSNBC. Why else did Snyderman get to anchor an hour-long program but to push ObamaCare, supposedly with the gravitas that an M.D. can lend to the health care issue by virtue of profession alone.

Now that the bill is set to pass the Senate, Snyderman's program is of little marginal benefit to pushing the network's political agenda, particularly since she's a proven ratings loser.

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