White House Briefing Live-blog [Feb. 11, 2009]

Waiting for the press conference to start. I may also tweet some over at Twitter.

I'll be particularly looking for any questions on Wall Street's reaction to Geithner's plan (382-point drop, market stagnant today) and how Gibbs would respond to it. Should be fun.

I'm watching via Fox News.

14:15: We're 15 minutes late. Par for the course with Gibbs.

14:16: Chris Cillizza of Washington Post tweeting @TheHyperFix: Is this like a concert? If we all start clapping, will Gibbs come out?

14:18, Fox was at commercial break when Gibbs came out, switched to CNN. Sneaky, Mr. Gibbs.

14:19, Jennifer Loven of AP asking if Geithner didn't realize how bad the market reaction would be yesterday

Gibbs says the plan wasn't designed for one-day market reax.

14:23, AP's Loven with followup saying markets thrive on certainty and a lot of commentyesterday was the plan didn't further certainty.

switched back to Fox News

14:27, male reporter asking if president was pleased in how the plan was rolled out yesterday.

14:27, male reporter with followup.

14:28, same reporter saying regardless of market's reax, there was widespread confusion as to the plan's details, what they mean.

14:30, Jake Tapper, ABC: Notes CEO of Caterpillar's comments, opposes buy American provision, notes Caterpillar supports Colombia Free Trade Agreement... does Caterpillar's support for CAFTA, opposition to buy American have any influence on president's thinking.

14:35, Tapper: Wouldn't CAFTA... wouldn't rethinking that free-trade agreement also be a logical step?

14:36, Ed Henry, CNN, asking what the president's involvement is in the ongoing stimulus negotiations on the Hill.

14:37, Henry: Barney Frank is saying he's disappointed there's nothing on the housing crisis in the Geithner plan. Where is your [housing] plan?

14:38, Henry: Why wasn't that [housing] the top priority of the Geithner plan?

14:40, Henry still presses Gibbs.

14:41, Chip Reid, CBS: Is the president at the point where he's saying he won the election, Republicans can either join or get out of the way on the stimulus?

14:43, Reid restates the question, asks if there's a change in Obama's attitude about bringing in Republican cooperation on stimulus.

14:45, Chuck Todd: Are we in the 7th inning stretch?

14:45, Chuck Todd, NBC: Secretary Gates said potus will make decision about troops in Afghanistan in a few days and that was a few days ago.

14:46, Todd with followup: MIght this be implemented [troop build-up in Afghanistan] before he announces it to the American people?

14:47, Todd: Will there be a speech?

14:48, Todd, question on what Obama will tell Gates at meeting

14:48, Todd asks about first lady's Vogue cover shoot

14:48, Todd: What does that say about the role she wants to play as First Lady?

14:51, Fox News cut away to Harry Reid press conference. So have other networks. That's all for today, folks.

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